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June 20, 2024

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The Weatherization Program, a federally funded program, helps low-income consumers reduce home energy consumption, while improving the health, comfort and safety of their home. The Weatherization program can:

  • Repair or replace heating equipment
  • Insulate ceilings, exterior walls, floors, water heaters and ductwork for forced air furnace.
  • Weather -strip doors, windows and install door sweeps
  • Repair broken glass, holes in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Check for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Individuals are also educated on the proper use and maintenance of installed equipment and the other energy saving measures.

The mission of the Weatherization program is to reduce household energy consumption, reduce the health and safety risk, and improve comfort of participant's homes.
Gateway Community Services Organization has operated a Weatherization program since 1974. The Weatherization program assists low-income individuals with repairs to make their homes more energy efficient. With home energy cost rising rapidly every day, the Weatherization Program is a great help with high energy bills because it:

  • Reduces fuel usage for heating and air conditioning
  • Lowers utility bills
  • Improves living comfort and prolongs the life of the house
  • Is free for eligible households in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, and Rowan counties

Studies show a typical household will reduce its annual energy cost by 20% as a result of Weatherization services.

Qualifying Requirements
To be eligible for the Weatherization program, a family, elderly person, or a person with a disability must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. An individual is also eligible if they have received KTAP or SSI in the last 12 months. Individuals who do not own their residence are eligible with the landlord's permission.

To Enroll
Applications for the Weatherization program are accepted year round. The following documents are needed to enroll:

  • Recorded deed for the home, title for a mobile home or lease agreement if renting
  • Proof of income for all adults, 18 or over unless a student
  • 12-month usage report, showing fuel consumption and monthly charges from utility companies. If using other fuel sources such as wood, coal or kerosene, a statement from the vendor is acceptable.


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